D'mok revival: descension

Michael Zummo
Lightening Press (2014)
ISBN 9780989004442
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (1/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘D’mok Revival: Descension’ by Michael Zummo on Blogcritics.

“D’mok Revival: Descension” by Michael Zummo is the third and final book of the Nukari Invasion Trilogy. The Nukari threat continues to plague Rhysus Mencari. Though they eradicated the D’mar populous years ago, the sole survivor, Mencari begins working with Osuto, the last remaining D’mok warrior. Mencari discovers he possesses the superhuman abilities of the D’mok. Osuto and Mencari work together, as Mencari develops his powers, to find others who possess these same powers to form a force of D’mok warriors. Once organized, this force is directed by a human coalition.

In “D’mok Revival: Descension,” Andric, the leader of the coalition is captured by the Nukari. The ensuing fast-moving, action-packed space adventure is filled with amazing advances in technology, survival tactics, and dramatic life and death skirmishes. Vivid descriptions, attention to pacing, and stimulating dialog add to the intrigue and keep the complex story line and subplots moving forward.

Zummo’s genius at “igniting” the creative imagination of his readers rivals that of the early high-tech thrillers of Michael Crichton. Zummo crafts a unique suspense that intrigues the reader drawing them into a story of futuristic technology, genetic creations, super human powers, and cloning; each new chapter begging to be read. It is worthy to note that the memorable strong characters of the trilogy reveal a new progression in depth of personality, empathy, and sensitivity throughout “Descension.”

Zummo draws on his childhood interest in interactive storytelling, an avid reader of the classic science fiction writers, his work as a software developer, video game developer, and his highly curious nature as the basis for his creative writing.

Zummo’s writing magically reveals possibilities of an unknown future. The nature and multifaceted fascinating themes of super powers, space exploration, and survival throughout the “D’mok Revival” trilogy provide the potential for another trilogy or series. “D’mok Revival: Descension” insures that Michael Zummo will continue adding to his growing fan base. The “D’mok Revival” trilogy is destined for an award winning status in the genre of science fiction and high-tech thrillers.

“D’mok Revival: Descension” by Michael Zummo has something for all science fiction fans, from the new generation of readers to those classic readers ready to speculate on futuristic sci-fi technology.


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