d'mok revival: retribution

Michael Zummo
Zummo Books, LLC (2014)
ISBN 9780989004428
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (01/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘D’mok Revival: Retribution,’ S-F Adventure by Michael Zummo on Blogcritics.

Years ago the Nukari destroyed the D’mar space station and its entire population, with the exception of one sole survivor, Rhysus Mencari.  When Mencari discovers that he possesses superhuman abilities he begins working with Osuto, a D’mok warrior to develop these newly found powers. Together they search for others who also possess these powers to form a force of D’mok Warriors. “D’mok Revival: Retribution” by Michael Zummo is the second book in the “D’mok Revival” series and begins where “Awakening” the first book in the series left off.

Mencari and his team are faced with a new threat; indescribable, humanoid beasts with D’mok-like powers bring terror and war throughout the worlds of space. When another mysterious and unfamiliar race of aliens with super powers enters the battle against the Nukari, Mencari is faced with another dilemma-he must determine whether this unknown group is an ally or another adversary.

The author has developed strong, unique and imaginative characters…

A natural flow of dialog includes observations on recent technical advances, the threat of the battle going on around them, and reveals insights in relationships, the level of personal isolation required by their career choices, the “infectious joy” of Eyani, and the empathy displayed by her friends as she struggles over feelings of remorse mixed with sorrow at the loss of a loved one. Zummo also captures the casual ribbing and teasing among the group as well as the flare up of tempers, when personal opinions and individual temperaments clash in times of stress.

I appreciated Zummo’s remarkable attention to small details without becoming tedious. Vivid descriptive phrases like “fireworks dancing,” or “swarms of fireflies against the black darkness of space” open up new vistas of the possibilities, adventure, and mystery of space travel.

However, I almost missed the impact of Zummo’s strong graphic descriptions as I found it hard to assimilate and identify individual characters, due to number of individuals introduced, their unusual names, the multi-faceted plot and numerous subplots.

A gifted wordsmith with incredible imagination, vibrant imagery, passion for interaction, and command of language all work together to insure the author’s readership, fan base, and recognition as an established writer in the genres of science fiction and high-tech adventure, and recommend “D’mok Revival: Retribution” by Michael Zummo to fans of both genres.


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