Susan Violante
Managing Editor/CEO of I Have Something to Say Press/Author/Reviewer

Born and raised in Venezuela of Italian immigrants, Susan completed a BA in Political Science and Business Administration before moving to the US . Although she built a career as a Business Analyst/Accountant, she also kept herself active as a freelance writer in the US; publishing articles, poetry, children's stories, and illustrations since 1996. She published her first book in 2009, and released her revised edition: Innocent War: Behind An Immigrant's Past - Book 1 in 2011. Her picture book: Tuma: The Tribe's Little Princess was published in early 2013 under her own label. Currently, Susan Violante is the Managing Editor/CEO Partner of I Have Something to Say Press and Book By Book Publicity/Author/Reviewer/Publicist and Publisher. She resides in Austin, TX with her husband (Michel), and her three dogs (Peggy, Canela and Nutela). Susan is mother of two adult daughters and a caregiver to her elderly parents. She enjoys cooking, reading, knitting, painting, writing, gardening, and any outdoor activity. 

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Sheri Hoyte
Managing Editor/President of Book By Book Publicity/Writer/Reviewer

Sheri grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York, and moved to Texas when she was 15.  Reading and writing have been a large part of her life since childhood, writing her first book as an elementary school project. She always had a book in her hand and a pile of books waiting to be read.  Not much has changed.

Sheri worked in the corporate world for over thirty years, honing her business and professional writing skills until 2012, when her passion for stories called her home to Reader Views. For the next couple of years she read and reviewed books for Reader Views, becoming the editor and social media manager in 2014, and managing editor and partner in 2018.

Sheri lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Don and her two cats, Felix and Fred.  When she’s not reading she enjoys spending time outdoors, exercising, playing golf, and gardening.  She is currently blogging on Sheri Hoyte Books, working on her first picture book story and doing research for a novel set in the 1930s in Lake Placid, New York.


Skyler Boudreau
Editorial Contributer/Reviewer

Skyler Boudreau is a resident of New Hampshire currently pursuing a career in freelance writing. One day she hopes to become an editor with a publishing company and a best-selling author. Her flash fiction piece ‘Citrus, Snakes, and Guns’ was published in Vine Leave Literary Journal #15.  When she is not reading, writing or blogging at Sky View Book Reviews, she can usually be found playing a plethora of musical instruments.


Renee Alfrey

I am currently a elementary school teacher and mother to two young boys. I grew up in the mid-west and love to travel. Since I can't travel everywhere I want, I use looks to explore the world. I have loved to read ever since I first picked up a book. In my down time, you will always find a book in my hand. When I am not reading books to my boys, I especially love to read historical fiction and mysteries.


Marjorine Castillo

Marjorine Castillo is a developmental psychology doctoral student and adjunct professor of Psychology in New York. She also has some experience with coding and website development. She likes to read about different cultures, how psychology and history converge, and how politics influence psychological development. Hobbies include cooking, baking, and arts and crafts. Her plan is to become a Psychology professor and researcher after completing her PhD.


Robert Leon Davis

Robert was a former New Orleans Police Officer in 1979, when at the young age of 22 committed a crime on the job, was arrested, skipped bail, and became known as one of America's longest fugitives without apprehension; for a period of 22 years. He was hunted by the FBI and U.S. Marshal's Service.

He lived a nomadic life by surviving and consuming wild game in remote forests and woods, with short visits to inner cities. After 22 years on the run, in 2001 he "voluntarily surrendered ", then almost 50 years of age, after what he calls a revelation from God. He served no time, as the Judge surmised that he had essentially incarcerated himself. After his surrender, and for over the last 15 years, he now travels the country speaking to potential police recruits, schools, churches, and youths about the avoidance of crime and corruption; with an emphasis on repentance. 

His first book, Running Scared, is his bio. His second book, Legal Minds, is co-authored with Dr. Roxanne Davidson, a Professor of Behavior Sciences. This book details how to detect a bad cop, how to report such cops, how females can avoid police abuses, and the mentality of people pertaining to crime and corruption. Please note; the author is not anti cop, but anti bad cop!

Profits from his books are donated to St. Jude's Children Hospital and other children and women abuse organizations as a small token of  his regrets.


Rachel Dehning

Hello! My name is Rachel Dehning and I love to read! I have two young children at home whom I read MANY children’s books to, and I enjoy reading for myself both for entertainment value and to hopefully learn something as well.

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Valicia France

I have always loved to read ever since I was a little girl! I would stay up every night going through my books. Even though I couldn't wait to finish each book, I was always sad to see each story come to an end. My love affair with books continues to this day.


Ben Green

I am Ben, I spent 4 years in the US Army and now work in the fitness industry in Austin Texas. I am currently pursuing a degree in advertising and in my free time I enjoy reading.


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Carol Hoyer

Carol Hoyer is a retired psychologist and college professor. She is an avid reader and book reviewer. She lives in Calabash, NC with her husband Pete, who is the author of Characters on the Green.


Adrienne Johnston

Adrienne is a professional with a passion for good books. She works with organizations that empower women out of poverty, all while attempting to raise her two boys to be good men. During her free time, Adrienne drinks enough tea to keep the industry in business while reading the next good story someone recommended for her enjoyment.


Cristina Lanzi
Foreign Language Book Reviewer

Born and raised in Italy, I studied foreign languages, literature and translation studies at the University of L’Aquila, but after finishing Grad school I soon moved to the UK where I majored in English at the University of Cambridge…  at that time I didn’t know that my traveler career just started! After my British experience, I moved to a small village in France where I taught Italian in middle and high schools. The year I spent there didn’t meet my personal needs but, somehow, it gave me the opportunity to get in contact with the Colorado College, who offered me the position of Italian Instructor and Cultural Program Coordinator. Very happily, I then left France and I moved to the US to teach Italian at a great College, where, after two years, I had the opportunity to become a Visiting Professor. At Colorado College I was lucky enough to meet Susan and her beautiful family, who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to join her “I Have SomethingTo Say Press” team as an Italian translator, and I will always be grateful for her trust. What I love about translating literature is that I don’t have to create characters, settings or perfect endings: the author handles the blank page. My challenge is to have a perfect grasp of the “sense and spirit” of the writer, to choose the best words, to respect the original style.  My job, if done correctly, is invisible… but there’s no better reward than hear the author saying, “I could hear my own voice, but in Italian.”


Maria Juliana Leal-Belloso

I was born and raised in Venezuela where I obtained a degree in pre-school Education, and worked as a freelance English translator. I retired after a couple of years from the Education field and started my 20 year career in the Airline industry which brought me to the US. Few years ago I retired from the Airline Industry and went back to my translator roots, and now work as a Spanish translator in Austin. I enjoy reading, crafting, and spending time with my family.  


Paige Lovitt

I was born in Long Beach, California but raised on the east coast in New Jersey. I now reside in the Imperial Valley, in southern California. I have a Master of Science degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. I am currently an academic adviser at my local community college.  I love what I do! It is what keeps me living down in a place that gets over 120 degrees in the summertime. For fun, I like to go out riding in the desert or I hang out with my dogs. I currently have three rescues that rule my world. 

My number one hobby, of course, is reading! I love to read. I love reading fantasy, suspense, paranormal and self-help books.  If I am not reading a book, I am listening to one on audio. I like to review books because it gives me an opportunity to be introduced to new authors and genres. When I receive a book to review, I know in my heart that I am holding something that is very precious to the author. I feel honored to be asked to give my opinion about a book that they have poured their heart into and I am grateful to have that opportunity.


Jeffrey Massey

I am a native southerner and graduate of the University of Alabama. I was a business owner until about five years ago when I went into a semi-retirement and began writing and pursuing artistic pursuits full time. During my time in business I lived near the communities of Grayton Beach, Seaside and Rosemary Beach in the Florida panhandle. After going through a nasty divorce I lived in Mobile, AL, New Orleans, LA and Sun Valley, Idaho until returning to the southeastern portion of Alabama where I was born, and still reside currently.  I am the author of two books, STANDING TOO SOON and TO LIVE AGAIN.


Keshia Mcclantoc

Keshia is currently a graduate student in English who picked up her first book when she was four years old and hasn’t put them down since. In her free time, she likes finding quality books that remind her what it’s like to be a happy kid wandering around library. Keshia likes almost all book genres but her guilty pleasures are young adult novels and compelling science fiction.


David K. McDonnell

David K. McDonnell is an Irish-American with a passion for both Irish and American history and is the author of two books - ClanDonnell: A Storied History of Ireland and Buy The Horse A Guinness (& Other Wee Tales of Ireland), and many other stories.

He attended the University of Michigan and practiced law in Detroit for over thirty years.  He represented many entrepreneurs along with a number of nonprofit organizations, helping them define their mission and design operations and implement programs to achieve that mission. He did this sometimes as an attorney and sometimes as a volunteer.

His passion (next in importance to my family and my law practice) is history. “I've always been fascinated by how people used to live, what they used to do, and how that shaped the world that followed."


Araceli Noriega

Araceli Noriega has 10 years of experience in clinical writing and conducting scientific literature reviews. Her keen analytical sense and high social intelligence make her an effective assessor of information. Prior to launching a writing career, Araceli managed 30-50 interns at Columbia University in the field of scientific research. She has always gravitated towards opportunities to improve the efficiency of large systems. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California at Davis.


Rebecca Pauba

I’m a 32 year old mother of two girls, a Psychiatric Registered Nurse, and a lover of all things that bring creativity, organization, and diversity into life!


Tammy Petty Conrad

As a native Texan, I have been shaped by the bigger-than-life characters and surroundings of my home state. I have also lived on three continents and visited as many countries as my five decades has allowed. As an educator, my 3rd and 4th grade gifted and talented students teach me so much each day. My goal is to read as much as they do, which will be a challenge. But I’m up for it!

Anna Riley

Anna Riley

I've been an avid reader since a young age. I love being surrounded by books and the worlds they create. I can immerse myself in travels, adventure, and mystery when my reality gets to be too much. I have high functioning anxiety, reading has always been medicine. It keeps me from focusing on my worries, and instead enthralls me in someone else's world. There I can shadow the main character and feel what they feel, see what they see. It makes me feel brave, strong, happy. When I finish a book, I'm always a little sad. I miss spending time with the character and being in their lives. I wonder what they do when the book has closed and the story has ended.


Tracey Rock

I am a working mom, living in McKinney, Texas, and spend my downtime reading as much as I can.


Michel Violante

I was born and raised in Bari- Italy, and moved to Venezuela at 14 where I finished a BA in Computer Science. I came to the US in 1982 and completed a MIS Masters Degree. I currently work supporting Supply Chain IT Operations for major retail corporations.  I am also a bookworm and sports addict and dedicate my free time watching sports, reviewing books, and helping Susan (my wife) with computer issues when needed.


Christine Watson

Christine has been with Reader Views since 2006 in a variety of roles. She started out doing book reviews, and then worked as an editor for a while. She has most recently been blogging articles on all of the websites affiliated with Reader Views as well as maintaining the homepages of several of the websites. Christine has a diverse background, starting out as a health and wellness professional after receiving her BS and MS in Exercise Science.  She was offered an adjunct teaching position at a local college, and realized her true passion was teaching. It took her a few more years to get there, but she finally became a certified teacher and began her journey as an educator. Her certifications are: Principal, Special Education, PE, Generalist k-4, Social Studies Composite, and ESL. Christine became a teacher, school administrator and private school owner. She loved to teach writing and literature to her students, and help them put their thoughts and ideas on paper. “Writing is one of the most difficult skills to teach, and it is  wonderful to be joining an industry where individuals enjoy the process of writing, even when it can be maddening!” Christine has been married to a proud Canadian for 10 years.  She enjoys playing tennis, hiking, reading, jigsaw puzzles, movies, and spoiling her 2-year old nephew.


Megan Weiss

Hello! My name is Megan Weiss and my life basically revolves around books - whether I'm reading them, studying from them, or attempting to write them myself. I am currently a graduate student of Southern New Hampshire University enrolled in a Public History MA program. Book reviewing is perfect for me because I get to do what I love and help other writers and readers at the same time.


Jennifer Wilson

I am a thirty-eight year old mother of two boys. I live and work in a small town in South Arkansas. Among my first memories are those of my books. I read, organized,, alphabetized, and categorized them. When my friends and I played school, I was in charge of the library. There is nothing better, in my opinion, than a quiet afternoon spent lost in a good book. While most people scroll through social media in line at the bank, I try to squeeze in another chapter. I cannot imagine my life without reading!


Security VP

I'm Peggy (the tall one), I was abused and abandoned on the streets. Our family rescued me from the Austin dog shelter sometime in 2008. I fell in love with Scotty (the little one)  the first time we met, and I learned everything I know from him. But he decided to go to Doggy Heaven, so now I am the Security VP at Reader Views. My mission is to bark as loud as I can when the books get here, and I take my job very seriously...