Current list of books pending review

Note: We review all categories (except textbooks). Listed below are only the categories with books currently pending review.


Graphic Novels

Are You Rugged or Unrugged? A Graphic Guide to Ruggedtivity, Rugged Dude Carson (7/19)
Hardcore Anxiety: A Graphic Guide to Punk Rock and Mental Health, Reid Chancellor (7/19)


Run Out the Guns, Anthony Barton (1/19)
The Leper Messiah by R.M.L. (10/18)
The Thin Gray Line, (ARC) Michael Kenneth Smith (7/19)
The Way of Glory, Patricia J. Boomsma (1/19)


True Trans Bike Rebel - Taking the Lane #15, Lydia Rogue (1/19)


Blood on the Chesapeake, Randy Overbeck (4/19)
Cold Aim, Janice Cantore (4/19)
Countdown America, M.C. Fox (6/19)
Cyber Dead or Alive, RL Blaisdell (7/19)
Development, Paul Backalenick (1/19)
Fool’s Moon, Diane A.S. Stuckart (11/18)
Gold Fire, Ed Mitchell (5/18)
Murder from Scratch, Leslie Karst (4/19)
Murder in Palm Beach, Bob Brink (7/19)
One Taste Too Many, Debra H. Goldstein (1/19)
Secret Agent Angel, Ray Sutherland (1/19)
Sister-In-Law, M.R. Morgan (3/19)
Spirit of the Fox, Matthew O'Connell (9/18)
The Fog Ladies, Susan McCormick (7/19)
The Marijuana Murders, Mark S. Bacon (7/19)
The Torch Betrayal, Glenn Dyer (9/18)
The Watch on the Fencepost, Kay DiBianca (119)
Tracking Game, Margaret Mizushima (7/19)
Under Fire, Peter Van Der Walt (7/19)

novel/general fiction

Maggie’s Ruse, Anne Leigh Parrish (6/19)
Man Mission: Four Men, Fifteen Years, One Epic Journey, Eytan Uliel (3/19)
Stinky Tofu: A Comedic Novel, Ross H. Nodell (2/19)
The Girl and the Tiger (ARC - Not on Amazon yet),Paul Rosolie (6/19)
Wild Boar in the Cane Field, Anniqua Rana (6/19)


Pet Loss Poems: To Heal Your Heart and Soul, Wendy Van de Poll (1/19)


Heat: Club Inferno Book I, Jamie K. Schmidt (6/19)
Longing: Club Inferno Book 2, Jamie K. Schmidt (6/19)
Fever: Club Inferno Book 3, Jamie K. Schmidt (6/19)
Seventeen Days, Linda Griffin (1/19)
Starfish: A Rick Star Romance, Lisa Becker (6/19)
The Rebound Effect, Linda Griffin (7/19)

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Fortitude Rising, A.M. Bochnak (9/18)
Hamartia, Raquel Rich (7/19)
Jordan, Victoria Landis (4/19)
The Apotheosis, Darrell Lee (ARC not on Amazon) 12/18)
The Architect’s Key, Edward E. Evans (10/18)
The Causality Loop (ARC - Not on Amazon yet), Wendy Nikel (6/19)
The Infinity of Roads, Robert Gryn (10/18)
The Light of Our Yesterdays, Ken Hansen (3/19)
The Passion Season, Libby Doyle (12/18)

Short Stories/Anthologies/Essays

Grimm, Grit, and Gasoline, Rhonda Parrish (6/19)
I Don’t Belong Here: Essays, Melissa Grunow (1/19)
Lake Superior Tales: Stories of Humor and Adventure in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Mikel B. Classen (1/19)
Scenes from the Heartland: Stories Based on Lithographs by Thomas Hart Benton, Donna Baier Stein (4/19)
The Horror of the Ordinary, Richard Krause (5/19)


arts, entertainment

Jagdlied: A Chamber Novel, Dolly Gray Landon & Gary Lloyd Noland (12/18)

Business, leadership, Money, Real Estate

100 Stocks That a Young Warren Buffett Might Buy, James Pattersenn Jr. (6/19)
7 Rules of Marketing That Get Results, Temel Aksoy (3/19)
A Culture of Excellence: The Art, Discipline, and Practice of Breakthrough Leadership, Fardad Fateri, James E. York (2/19)
Folder or Crumpler: Wipe Away Your Misconceptions, Understand Your Strengths & Get the Most from Others, Andrew Groelinger (3/19)
Go. No Go.: Is Your Business Idea Ready to Launch?, Lauri Harrison (1/19)
Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance: A Values-Based Framework for Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times, Yvette Bethel (1/19)
Public Speaking Super Powers!, Carma Spence (12/18)
Small Mistakes, Big Consequences, Anne Corley Baum (10/18)
Team Quotient, Douglas Gerber (4/19)
The Unconventional Thinking of Dominant Companies, Jim Bramlett (10/18)
Salvaged by Roy Goble (10/18)


Crack the Code, Louis Bezich (1/19)
’Til Health Do Us Part, Julie Rooney (6/19)

History, Science, Politics, Social Issues

Second-Wave Millennials, Warren Wright (1/19)
The Discovery of Troy and its Lost History, Bernard Jones (4/19)
U.P. Reader — Issue #3: Bringing Upper Michigan Literature to the World, Mikel B. Classen (4/19)
When Paris was Dark: A Sliver of WWII History by Y.M. Masson (7/19)

how to

The Chainbreaker Bike Book: A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance, Shelley Lynn Jackson & Ethan Clark (5/19)


Breaking the Gas Ceiling: Women in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, Rebecca Ponton (5/19)
Maharishi & Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles' Guru, Susan Shumsky (1/19)
Why Me?, Mike Mountz (1/19)

Self-help, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Mind/Body/Spirit

From Depression to Contentment, Bob Rich (3/19)
Mercury, Miko & Me: How Holistic Dentistry Healed My Daughter and Saved My Life - Mary Bauer (4/19)
The Easy Way to Enlightenment, Leigh Ann Kittell (12/18)
The Sailboat and the Sea, Peter Lundell (4/19)
Unf*ck Your Anger, Faith G. Harper (7/19)
When Eagles Soar: From Diagnosis to Death to Open Dialogue, Candia Sanders (2/19)
Yoga for Amputees, Marsha Therese Danzig (4/19)

religion/Spirituality (non-fiction)

Living Beloved, Erin Hawley (10/18)
Understanding the Jesus Code, Carolyn Berghuis (1/19)


This Is San Francisco: The Ups, Downs, Ins, and Outs of the City by the Bay, Alexander Barrett (7/19)