Four Dogs and Their Tales

Marcella Bursey Brooks
AuthorHouse (2012)
ISBN: 9781463427719
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/13)


“Four Dogs and Their Tales” by Marcella Bursey Brooks is a story that brings a special group of people together as a result of their dogs. Kissy and Kawdje were adopted by a married couple who had an interest in showing their dogs. While Kawdje excels at being shown, Kissy decides it is not for her and nips a judge. Not giving up hope, the couple gets Kissy involved in agility trials. She seems to enjoy having a place to show off her skills. Topaz, a German Short haired Pointer, meets Kissy and Kawdje when they enter the sport. Topaz’s owners share different feelings about her. The wife adores her and they have a special connection. The husband isn’t so thrilled with her because she doesn’t do a good job with keeping deer off their property. In spite of her breed, this job does not come naturally to her. But she does like agility training and her new friends. She also has a huge chance to prove herself in this story. The fourth dog in the group is Michael Angelo. He is a mutt who was rescued from the streets of Mexico by an American woman.

As a result of the friendships among the dogs and the owners, deeper relationships develop and a marriage even comes about as a result. So do puppies. These deeper interactions further the group’s connections to each other. As the dogs move up the ranks with their success at the competitions, they decide to travel internationally while representing the United States. In order to travel abroad, the dogs must fly. This gets the group to become proactive in ensuring that the quality of air travel for dogs is improved. Wonderful things happen as a result of their friendships.

Marcella Bursey Brooks’ “Four Dogs and Their Tales” is a fun story that delves into the world of Dog Agility. It was fun for me to learn more about the sport while I read the story. The interaction between the dogs is the same as the humans, so we get to hear what they are saying to each other in words. People who are dog lovers will understand! This book tells a fun story that is appropriate for all ages. Teens who have to do book reports will really enjoy having something fun to read.


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